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Swiss Ball Leg Raise:

Grab a swiss ball, and lay your lower back on the ball, with your thighs parrallel to the floor. Keep your legs locked in this position with this same angle. Grab onto something stationary with your hands, and keep holding on from beginning to end. In the starting position the feet are slightly off the floor, as shown in the picture. Inhale in this position.

Raise your knees until your thighs are past perpendicular to the floor, and slighty past your waist. Pause and exhale, while squeezing your ab muscles, as shown in the picture. Then slowly lower your knees and legs back towards the floor, stopping just before your feet touch the floor as in the picture above. Repeat for reps.

See a movie of the exercise:
Abdominal Exercises:
Bicycle Machine Crunch Swiss Ball Knee Rotations
Cable Kneeling Crunch Machine Obliques Swiss Ball Leg Raise
Cable Kneeling Obliques Plank Exercise Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch
Cable Leg Raise Pull Up Bar Leg Raise Swiss Ball Reverse Leg Curl
Crunch Pull Up Bar Oblique Raise Swiss Ball Side Crunch
Full Vertical Crunch Sissors Exercise Swiss Ball Toe Rotations
Decline Bench Abs Swiss Ball Ab Rocker Vertical Leg Crunch
Knee Figure Eight Swiss Ball Cable Crunch
Long Arm Crunch Swiss Ball Crunch
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