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Law #11 - Only consume refined carbs (those high on the glycemic index) after a workout and at breakfast time. At other times of the day, slow and medium release carbs are better

After a workout, muscles are depleted of carbohydrates, and need protein and other nutrients to rebuild. Fast release carbs create an insulin surge, quickly turning you anabolic (in a potential muscle building state), and halting catabolism by shuttling the protein to the muscles, so they can rebuild and grow, and shuttling them carbs to restore glycogen levels.

One of the reasons why you wake up in the morning is because cortisol wakes you to get you to eat as part of your circadian rythym. This is the time of the day when you are most insulin sensitive, such that insulin does a better job at managing carbs. One of the reasons this occurs is because the body tends to be carb depleted in the morning. A rush of carbs at breakfast will quickly turn you anabolic, or at least neutral, blunting the cortisol that woke you up. At breakfast, the body has been in a food-deprived state for the whole night, and the body is craving carbohydrates. The chances of carbs being stored as fat in the morning is highly unlikely, so at this time, refined carbs are okay, but it would be better mix them with some slow release carbs to slow down the overall insulin spike (unless you lifted weights before breakfast, in which case you would use fast-release carbs).

Other than at breakfast, and after a workout, you don't want a large insulin surge at other times of the day, because at that time the muscles may be full of glycogen, in which case excess carbs are stored as fat. So at other times of the day, except breakfast, and after a workout, you want to use slow and medium release carbs. Also, slower release carbs will satisfy your appetite better.

Many diets, and your conscience seem to tell you that you shouldn’t eat sweet cold breakfast cereals, candies, baked potatoes, white rice, white bread, and similar fast digesting carbs. Low carb diets tell you to avoid all carbs. But the diet sets the record straight on carbs, and lets you know why, instead of leaving you in the dark.

It is because insulin is a fat storage hormone for those who refuse to exercise, leading to storage of extra carbs as fat, because glycogen levels are full in the liver and muscles, such that your body is forced to shuttle excess carbs to fat cells. But insulin is also potentially the most anabolic hormone in the body, because it also delivers protein to muscles to repair and rebuild. The biggest bodybuilders get that way using insulin to their advantage. You will control insulin to get lean, and use it to preserve muscle mass as you diet. This diet could be thought of as a muscle building plan, because you're keeping you're muscle as you diet, unlike other dieters around you.

The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a measure of how fast a particular food's carbohydrate content spikes insulin levels, relative to white bread, or relative to glucose (there are two different scales). On these scales, white bread or glucose are set at 100. White bread is one of the fastest digesting carbohydrates, but glucose is almost the highest of all. With glucose set at 100, white bread is 70. As you can see, the table below has glucose set to 100, not white bread. This standard is a lot more common than with white bread set to 100. By definition, only carbohydrates can have a glycemic index. So proteins and fats don't have a glycemic index.

So when choosing your carbohydrates on the Diet, you'll use items in the red after a workout (all the "forbidden" stuff on other diets). You MAY also use them at breakfast, however try hard to mix it with a slower digesting carbohydrate in the blue or white columns. At other times of the day, stay to the blue or white (preferably blue).

To help configure your diet, please choose three fruits and 3 vegetables from each of the red, white and blue columns. Then choose another 5 of your favorite items from each of the red, white and blue columns. 

Low GI < 55 GI Low GI < 55 GI Medium GI 55-69 GI High GI > 70 GI
Hummus 6 Refried Beans 38 Honey 55 Melba Toast 70
Chana Dal 8 Tomato Soup 38 Oat Bran 55 Melba Toast 70
Red Peppers 10 Fish Stick Fingers 38 Brown Rice 55 White skin mashed Potatoes 70
Onions 10 Tomato Juice 38 Fruit Cocktail 55 White Bread 70
Mushrooms 10 Meat Ravioli 39 Oatmeal Cookie 55 Golden Grahams Cereal 71
Broccoli 10 Plum 39 Papaya 56 Grapenuts 71
Cabbage 10 Minestrone Soup 39 Raisins 56 Kavli Crispbread 71
Lettuce 10 Pinto Beans dried, boil 39 Fudge Cookie 57 Popcorn 72
Yogurt, artificially sweet 14 Apple Juice 40 Potato Chips 57 Bagel 72
Cannelloni (Spinach) 15 Strawberries 40 Apricots, fresh 57 Watermelon 72
Walnuts 15 Pumpernickel Bread 41 New Potatoes 57 White Rice, Short grain, 72
Peanuts 15 Orange, Navel 42 Pita, whole wheat 57 Kaiser roll
Fructose 19 Chickpeas, canned 42 Whole Meal Rye 58 Cupcake (strawberry iced) 73
Lasagne (Vegetarian) 20 Blackeyed Peas, canned 42 Rice vermicelli 58 Soda Crackers 74
Cashews 22 Peach, fresh 42 Basmati Rice 58 Cream of Wheat Instant 74
Cherries 22 Spiral Pasta 43 Bran Chex 58 Bread stuffing 74
Kidney Beans (boiled) 23 Ice cream, low fat 43 Kiwi 58 Cheerios 74
Plum (raw) 24 Pear, canned 43 Blueberry Muffin 59 Bran Flakes 74
Mixed Nuts 24 Muesli 43 Pastry 59 Graham Crackers 74
Grapefruit 25 Milk Chocolate 43 Corn, fresh 60 French Fries 75
Barley, pearled 25 Carrot Juice 43 Pizza 60 Shredded Wheat 75
Lasagne 25 Rice, Long grain, White 44 Raisin Bran 61 Pumpkin 75
Kidney Beans, dried 28 Chocolate Chip Cookie 44 Figs, dried 61 Pancake Syrup 76
Chickpeas, dried 28 Lentil Soup 44 Hamburger bun 61 Waffles 76
Peach (raw) 28 Sweet potatoes 44 Kudos Bar 62 Doughnut, cake type 76
Navy Beans 29 Capellini 45 Corn Chips 63 Total Breakfast Cereal 76
Prunes 29 Linguine 46 Macaroni and Cheese 64 Whole wheat (100%) 77
Lentils 29 Grapes 46 Black Bean Soup 64 Coco Pops Cereal 77
Apricots, dried 30 Pineapple Juice 46 Shortbread Cookie 64 Water crackers 78
Tortilla (wheat) 30 Bran Buds 47 Apricots, canned 64 Jelly Beans 78
Black Beans 30 Butter Cookie 47 Beets 64 Corn Pops Cereal 80
Whole milk 31 Macaroni 47 Cantaloupe 65 Rice Cakes 82
Yellow Split Peas 32 Marmalade 48 Canned Potatoes 65 Rice Krispies 82
Lima Beans (frozen) 32 Baked Beans 48 Couscous 65 Corn Chex 83
Fettuccini (egg) 32 Green peas 48 Jams 65 Pretzels 83
Skim milk 32 Grapefruit Juice 48 Pea Soup 66 Baked Potatoes 85
M & M Peanut Candies 33 Carrots 49 Pineapple, fresh 66 Instant Mashed Potatoes 86
Raspberry Smoothie 33 Oatmeal 49 Quick (1 Minute) Oats 66 Wild rice 87
Yogurt, sweetened 33 Cheese Tortellini 50 Cream of Wheat 66 White Rice, Instant 87
Soy Milk 36 Vanilla Crème Filled Wafers 50 Pancakes 67 Red Skinned boiled potatoes 88
Spaghetti, whole wheat 37 Mango 51 Stoned Wheat Thins 67 Gadorade, orange 89
Yam 37 Whole Grain Bread 51 Puffed Wheat 67 Strawberry Fruit Bars 90
Rice, Converted, White 38 Cranberry Juice 52 Croissant 67 Rice Crackers 91
Spaghetti, white 38 Kidney Beans, canned 52 Cornmeal 68 Corn Flakes 92
Pear, fresh 38 Banana 52 Cranberry Juice Cocktail 68 Scones (plain, from packet) 92
Star Pastina 38 Tortilla (corn; mexican) 52 Taco Shell 68 French Baguette 95
Apple 38 Orange Juice 53 Sucrose 68 Parsnips 97
Ice cream, premium 38 Sourdough Bread 53 Ryvita Crispbread 69 Rice, Glutinous (Sticky) 98
Peach, canned in juice 38 Coca Cola 53 Special K 69 Glucose (50 g test portion) 100
All Bran with Fiber 38 Buckwheat 54 Aborio 69 Dates 103

Law #12

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